1) Painting your granted Coat of Arms

If you already have an image of your granted coat of arms, please provisionally select the shape, sizes and finish from the bottom of the page.

Please send us an email with this image, highest resolution as possible, with any additional notes or instructions. Contact page has the details.

We will study the design and quote a final price based on the complexity of that design. We are happy to advise on the shape and size.

If our terms are acceptable, and with a small deposit to start the process, Caroline will sketch out your coat of arms for your approval.

Below we show some official pedigrees that had been handed down the generations, and then Caroline’s completed shields.

Please see the Testimonials Page for more examples of her work and kind comments from happy clients.

2) We can design your own Coat of Arms

Coats of arms are granted to a single named person and their heirs. A persons surname is not directly connected with their coat of arms, so there is no coat of arms for the surname.

That said, many people who have not had a granted coat of arms from the College of Arms, but still would like to have a shield bearing their surname, or a special shield designed by us to incorporate various ideas they have.Although these are not an ‘official coat of arms’- it makes a lovely shield to display and pass down to the next generation. See for more information on the granting of a Coat of Arms.

If you want us to design a coat of arms for you based on your ideas with our input, we will endeavour to make it as heraldically correct as possible.

Please see the bottom of this page for details of the shapes, sizes and finish. Make a provisional selection and send it by email, (highest resolution as possible please) with any additional notes or instructions.

We will study your ideas or design and consider the best shield size and shape.Based on the combined ideas of yourself and us, Caroline will produce sketches for you to look at and comment on till we are all happy with the final design. Below shows the process and the finished shield.


We produce two shapes,  The square Castle shape & The traditional Battle shape.